Corridor Press
Martha Mayer Erlebacher
egg broken egg shell


"the egg", "the broken egg" & "the shell" a series of three original lithographs printed from stones and plates drawn by the artist , and printed by hand, each print is 19"x18" paper size and printed in a limited edition of 50 numbered and signed impressions.

“The lithographs, The Egg, The Broken Egg, and The Shell, are part of still lifes I am doing which I call hierophanic still lives. By hierophany is meant anything that manifests the sacred. In spite of our fast paced culture and its dominance by technology, people still respond to certain objects whose meanings remain continually alive and universally accessible. The function of these symbols is to suggest a reality inaccessible by other means of knowledge.”

“The Egg symbolizes the wholeness and immanence of the universe. It is also formless, contained, and unresolved. It is the moment before creation. It is the precursor of sexual growth and activity.”

“The Broken Egg symbolizes the passage from ignorance to enlightenment. It is the big bang. It is the fluid world. The birth from which all else proceeds.”

“The Shell symbolizes the sex that is the force that keeps the universe functioning. It is beautiful and fearsome. It is hypnotic and terrifying.” Martha Mayer Erlebacher



"The Apples" original lithograph drawn by the artist on stone and plates and printed by hand .
Paper size 22.5"x21" Printed in a limited edition of 80 signed and numbered impressions.

Biographical sketch:

Education: 1963 MFA Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
1960 BA Industrial Design, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
1956 Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA