Corridor Press

Tim Sheesley

Timothy Sheesley, Master Printmaker:Artist Collaborator
Roberson Museum and Science Center April 3 – March 31, 2010
30 Front Street Binghamton, NY 13905
phone: 607.771.8905

The Roberson Museum and Science Center in Binghamton, New York will be featuring the work of Tim Sheesley in the Sears Harkness Hall. Tim Sheesley, artist, printmaker and gallery director of The Martin Mullen Art Gallery, SUNY College at Oneonta, will be exhibiting twenty five years worth of prints that have resulted in his career, collaborating with artists’ making hand printing original lithographs at Corridor Press, as well as his own art work. This exhibition will display over 130 prints by 67 different artists. Corridor Press was established in 1984 in Philadelphia and moved to Otego, New York in 1992.

The exhibition will feature artists prints as well as highlight aspects of the process and technique involved with the art form of lithography.

The list of artists includes Vivian Bergenfeld, Charlie Bremer, Harry Brodsky, Pamela Butler, Diane Burko, Charles Burns, Katheryn Carnahan, Wayne Claypatch, Sue Coe, Richard Crawford, Robert Cumming, Daniel Dallmann, Matthew Daub, Kim Deitch, Martha Mayer Erlebacher, Rob Evans, David Fertig, Makoto Fujimura, Greg Gaskey, Anthony Gorney, Rachel Heberling, Bruce Herman, Carl Hoffner, Irwin Hollander, Richard Hricko, Stephen Joseph, Richard Kathmann, Maurie Kerrigan, Wonsook Kim, Michael Kuch, Lois Lane, Tim Lowley, Winifred Lutz, Enid Mark, Patty McCabe, David Mohallatee, Susan Moore, Michael Morin, James Mullen, Catherine Murphy, Warren Rohorer, Greg Rohrer, Michael Roosevelt, James Rose, Harry Roseman, Thomás Sakoulas, Sean Scherer, Charles Schmidt, Maurice Sendak, Yolanda Sharpe, Joel Sheesley, Peter Sheesley, Sarah Sheesley, Tim Sheesley,William Smith, Kurt Solmssen, George Sorrels, Merle Spandorfer, Art Spiegelman, Ludwig Stine, Hester Stinettte, Evan Summer, Joseph Sweeney, John Troy, Stanley Witney, and Jerome Witkin, Lisa Yuskavage.








"Common Carp" 2010
24 impression variable
original lithograph 18"x24"



"Excavated Feline " 2009
10 proofs variable
original lithograph 22"x30"



20 edition variable
original lithograph 30"x22"



"Caromboard Homage"
20 edition variable
original lithograph, 24"x24"


"Shirt Cabinet"
20 edition variable
original lithograph 22"x30"



"Arrow Water"
20 edition variable
original lithograph 20"x24"


St. Lucy

"St. Lucy's Cabinet"
original lithograph edition of 60
size: 18"x25"



original lithograph edition of 16
size: 18"x15"



"Shadow Cabinet"
an original lithograph edition of 20 edition variable



"Croquet Cabinet"
an original lithograph edition of 20 edition variable



"Water Cabinet"
an original lithograph edition of 16 edition variable